Hello, my loves! 2017 is nearly over and my planning self is more than excited to spend the next two days with planning and starting new notebooks. As every year, I always love to start fresh, make my resolutions and put everything in my new notebooks and planners. Are you also a planning addict?

When it comes to my boyfriend, he isn’t into planning at all and when we first got together, it was really confusing for him as I always tend to plan everything in detail and colour coordinate literally everything, he felt overwhelmed and didn’t know why I needed to do that. Now he realised that I simply love to organise myself (and his life too), so when a new year starts the whole planning process comes to a new level and I think all the planner addicts can relate.

Therefore I also planned to do a planning video for my youtube (yes, it still exists) because 2018 will be my year and I really can’t wait for it to start. I have so many exciting projects which are coming and I can’t wait to share it with. Lastly, I also have a new look for you, my last look for 2017 and I hope you like it.


Top: Nightler (shop it here)

Trousers: Girlmerry* (shop it here)

Coat: Zara

Sneakers: Nike Huarache

Bag: Aliexpress


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