It is Friday again and I can’t wait for the weekend. This week has not been as productive as the other ones and I am therefore so excited for the next week as I can start fresh again. In addition, I can’t wait to have dinner with my two cuties Tania and Lili and to go dancing. Packed with some fun stuff to do during the weekend, I have a new look for you.

As I am more into dresses and skirts, as well as jumpsuits at the moment, I have another skirt look for you today. The focus lies this time on this lace-up suede skirt, which fits my body shape perfectly and I absolutely love the material and the actual softness of the skirt. The lace-up detail makes the skirt playful and cute as well, which I adore.This is actually the first time I have ever worn a skirt in the color and I am happy that I have it now.

I combined it with this cut out white Top with one cute rose on each side which I found on Zaful. In addition, to keep myself cozy and comfy, I throw on my oversized black Cardigan and only added my half circle Bag and my black booties. Last but not least, I added a few jewelry pieces to spice up this whole look and then I am actually ready to go out. I absolutely love to wear this outfit on a normal day as it is simple (at least for me) and looks absolutely stunning.

I would love to know what you think of this outfit? How do you like this combination? Would you combine it the same way? Let me know in the comments below. xoxo


Top: Zaful* (shop it here)

Skirt: Girlmerry* (shop it here)

Cardigan: Bershka

Necklace: Zaful* (shop it here)

Bag: New Look via Asos

Booties: Asos

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