I can’t even remember when I fell so deeply in love with a big city. I am living in a small country where everything is quiet and not so busy even on a busy day, you couldn’t compare Luxembourg to a big city and then I came to Paris.


My boyfriend took me on a trip to Paris for my birthday and I was so excited to finally visit the capital of France again. I had been to Paris before when I was much younger and didn’t really have any clear memories of the city anymore. The city wasn’t so busy as I thought it would be. We had the chance to spend the weekend in Paris with really good weather even though they said it would rain all weekend long. After being to Berlin, Frankfurt and Cologne, it was so nice to visit a French city.


Are you coming by plane, by train or by car? Depending on what your choice is, you need to take “payage” costs into consideration as well as taxi or metro prices. Paris is, in general, an easy city so you don’t need to plan everything in detail as you will be able to do a lot in Paris on your own.


If you are not from Europe, you need the currency euro as it is for whole Europe. There are a few cash points in Paris so don’t worry you can of course pay with your Visa card. Most of the people speak French and as I speak French fluently I didn’t have a problem. For all of the English speakers amongst you, you will get around don’t worry even if not everybody speaks English. People are normally really kind and happy to help.


If you can and love to see as much as possible. Walk through the main Hotspots and don’t take a Metro. Of course, this will be a long day with a lot of walking. We actually walked 45km in two days and I can tell you that our legs were hurting like hell, but it was completely worth it. As we didn’t really stick to the map, we were able to see a lot of beautiful houses and streets, which we wouldn’t have seen the other way. For Paris of course, there are so many beautiful hotspots that you absolutely need to put on your Bucket list. A few of them are the Eiffel tower, the Champs Élysée, Notre Dame, Louvre… Also, go visit the Abercrombie and Fitch store, it is like walking into a Museum, simply mindblowing. There are also several parks in Paris, one of them is next to the Ferris Wheel, and is really cute.


My boyfriend chooses a wonderful and sweet hotel which was in the 17ième arrondissement, which a really safe corner in Paris with really nice and friendly people. The hotel was the Best Western Plus de Neuville Arc de Triomphe a really lovely hotel, which was quite affordable for Paris and it was only 2km away from the Eiffel Tower. The hotel has also a wifi, which is quite good so perfect for all of you who need a strong Internet connection. The rooms are small but really cute as they are kept really classic and stylish. You can also eat breakfast, which is small but has all the necessary bits you wanna eat. Cheese, Ham, Granola, Eggs, Croissants and fresh bread. It is a buffet so you can eat as much as you want. My boyfriend really liked it and I am saying this because the most important thing in a hotel is the breakfast for him.

Abercrombie&Fitch Interior

Can I please have such an entry door? So in love with all the doors, I saw in Paris.

💗Postcard from Paris with love💗



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