Hey guys! How was your day?

Before I am getting into my Fitness routine again, I always need to get some inspiration. So here is a fitspiration for you too.

I have never been a girl that was into fitness until I met one of my dearest friends Mel (lifestylebymel), she got me into this whole being active again. She introduced me to Kayla Itsines fitness plan and I started using her guides. I think that the first weeks, I was only asking her about what do to or not to do, because I hadn’t had any experiences in that.

One thing that is really essential for me to keep me staying motivated when I am getting in shape are my clothes. I love to have matching working out clothes and it keeps me even more focused. Besides, grap a friend to start this journey, becuse it is a lot more fun.

One thing you really need to remind yourself when you are working out is that nothing changes from one day to another. I know that often you get really fast dissapointed when you can’t see any results that fast, but you need to keep going.

 Slow progress is better than no progress






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