Hi, my loves and welcome to a new life update ☺️. It has been quite a while, but I have been slowly getting back into a routine after going separate ways with my boyfriend. For two weeks now I have been active on my Youtube Channel and now I am also going to start posting here again, giving you more insights and sharing more of my thoughts.

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A lot has happened since I‘ve written a life update here on the blog and especially for those of you who aren‘t watching my videos it is time to give you an insight. About three months ago, my boyfriend and I decided to go separate ways. This has been a huge change in my life as being together for 7 years and living together, I had to get a new place and start a new chapter. Change is inevitable and not always easy. Even though I was pretty excited about the new home part and getting new furniture, the actual being on my own part was not that easy and it still isn‘t. It is something I need to first adept too and find my own way. I finally managed to be consistent again with my youtube (for 2 weeks now) and I will be uploading a video on each Monday+ Thursday and now I am finally getting back into writing for the blog. The plans have all been already made and I can‘t wait to lose hours and hours being creative and producing content that I love and hope you too. I am also always publishing my editorial plan of the week on my Instastories every Monday and I am still thinking of getting back into Twitter as well. What do you think?


Will head to a new place in June, but still, need to figure out where to head to

My plans for this week are quite simple. My to-do list is exploding and I want to tackle every single task on that list by the end of the week. Crossing fingers that I will be able to eliminate a few of the bigger tasks and that the next week can be more relaxing. Being back full-time studying and trying to get into a consistent high-upload schedule for the Blog and Youtube Channel is a challenge, but one that I choose and I truly love. Even though, I am literally nearly falling asleep while I write this, for the simple fact that I am exhausted and need to give my body and mind a rest. Other than that there is not so many spectacular things planned this week, so I hope to have more exciting projects to talk about in the next life update.


Committed. Thriving to do the best I possibly can to achieve the goals I’ve set myself.


Life is hard for two reasons: because you‘re leaving your comfort zone or because you are staying in it.




Shirt – Zara | Skirt – Girlmerry | Shoes – Shein | Bag – NAKD | Watch – Amalys

Always love a good old Leo combination. What about you? If you are still looking for wholesale dresses then you should definitely check out Girlmerry.

I would love to know what you think of this outfit? ☺️How do you like this combination? Also what has been going on in your week, I am super curious and would love to hear all about it so let me know in the comments below. xoxo

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