Hello, my loves🧡! A while back ago, I completed my first 3-day juice cleanse, which was a completely new experience for me and my body. Therefore I wanted to share it with you, the process and some insights.

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WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE A JUICE CLEANSE? A juice cleanse is not only exhausting for your mind (when you are constantly thinking of food) but also really fatiguing your body. ✨With all the toxins coming out, the cleanse can have different effects on your body.  You can feel energetic and jumping around or as it happened to me, you will feel tired and exhausted as well as having bad headaches. Don’t worry, I don’t want to scare you off, but the truth is when you have too many toxins in your body the moment that they are liberated and your body gets rid of them, your head will hurt as well as your body. This is actually a good sign and also means that you need to do a cleanse more often to get rid of all your toxins.

HOW LONG CAN YOU DO A JUICE CLEANSE? I did mine for 3 days, but you can actually do a juice cleanse for 5 or 7 days depending on your need and your experience with juice cleanses. In general, it is better to start with a 3-day juice cleanse when you haven’t done one before.



DRINK FROM A STRAW 🍹I know this seems like really stupid, but it actually helps a lot when you feel like you don’t want to drink one single sip anymore, which also happened to me especially in the afternoon around 4 pm.

KEEP YOURSELF BUSY 🏃🏻‍♀️The worst thing you can actually do, is doing nothing. I thought it would be a good idea to watch a movie during my cleanse and I went for probably the worst film I could choose during a juice cleanse “Eat, Pray, Love”🤦🏻‍♀️.While the beautiful Julia Roberts was eating her pasta and pizza, I was craving it and that made me really uncomfortable during the juicing. Therefore try to keep yourself busy with work or something else and don’t think about food🥐.

INFORM YOUR FRIENDS&FAMILY 👯‍♀️One of the hardest things to overcome during the juice cleanse, was watching my boyfriend eat a perfectly cooked meal, while I was sipping on my last juice for the day. It is easier if you tell your friends and family that you are doing a juice cleanse and it is better if you stay at home for the duration of the process, to keep you on track and focused.

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