(Dieser Beitrag entstand in Zusammenarbeit mit FashionID)This time of the year always presents a little challenge when it comes to looking stylish and put together in every situation. As you cuddle yourself up in layers, you are maybe looking comfy, but not stylish. My solution for this weather is, therefore, mixing highstreet with high end pieces, so I can feel comfy and warm in my outfit as well as looking stylish by adding some highstreet accessories from Fashion ID to my looks.


I’m actually only owning a few high end pieces, as not everyone can afford a wardrobe full of Chanel handbags. Therefore it is super important to carefully select the pieces you truly want to incorporate into your wardrobe to combine it with your highstreet bits and bobs. If you start looking for a good quality while shopping highstreet pieces and being more selective, you can actually build a solid wardrobe. In addition, it is better to experiment with affordable highstreet pieces first, than to invest in a high end product straight away if you are trying out new styles.

It is definitely possible to find timeless gems on the highstreet, which will help you to create more outfit variations with your investment pieces. Another tip is to invest into neutral pieces, as that makes it easier to combine and to mix &match.


Accessories truly have the power to upgrade a whole outfit. When I was younger, I was always wearing heavy jewellery, the more the better, but now I prefer minimalistic jewellery and statement earrings. My collection is slowly growing as I started adding some high end jewellery pieces this year to slowly get rid of the highstreet jewellery I have. In fact, jewellery is one of the best ways to upgrade your wardrobe and to add some luxury to your outfits.

Other categories are definitely shoes and bags, as they can elevate your look. As my wardrobe contains (nearly) only white, beige and black pieces, I love to invest in a beautiful pair of shoes or a statement bag from Fashion ID. When mixing highstreet and high end, a statement bag is the perfect finishing touch to an outfit to give the whole look a luxurious finish.

Do you mix highstreet with high end? What are your favourite brands?

xoxo Imena

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