Presenting you a brand new series on my Youtube Channel (there is so much coming🌟), all about Zodiac signs and how to channel your zodiac’s attributes.  I have always been into astrology, the moon, the stars and the entire universe, but didn’t want to talk about it as I was afraid of what people might think. This has completely changed, I embrace my love for the universe and want to share that with you, starting with the first project which is the GRWM Zodiac series. So here it comes, the first Zodiac sign LEO🦁


🦁What to know about the LEO Zodiac sign🦁

Element: Fire🔥

Color: gold, yellow and orange

Day: Sunday

Ruler: Sun☀️

Lucky number: 1

Strengths: Creative, passionate, generous, warm-hearted, cheerful and humorous

Leo likes: Theater, bright colors and fun with friends

✨I hope you enjoyed the first video in this series and that you liked the new concept. I actually can’t wait to film all the other Zodiac signs and to try out different styles and get out of my comfort zone, when it comes to make-up and style. I would love to hear all about your thoughts on the video, so leave all your beautiful ideas and thoughts in the comment box down below. With that being said, I am currently in Naples, exploring beautiful Italy, and ticking off a few things on my bucket list. If you would love to be a part of my adventures head over to my Instagram. Next up is planning our trip to Positano, as well as Procida and Sorrento (or another city) and getting some business stuff done, as there is a lot on my to-do list. But before I am writing a huge letter to you, I am wishing you a wonderful start into the new week.✨


xoxo Imena

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