After promising you a Marrakech continuation for a long time, it is finally here. The time has come to share with you my Marrakech adventures and I can guarantee you, your life will now be filled with new content regularly. I have been sitting down for a whole weekend to plan and organize the next 6 months and I intend to keep up the hard work. Therefore we are kickstarting with the first part of my recent travels.


If you want to get a better, more in-depth look at my Marrakech travels and how it is to travel in Morocco as two girlfriends then definitely check out my first Marrakech vlog (two more coming). To be honest, we struggled to feel comfortable, being two young girls, at first, but after the first let me say “cultural” shock, we absolutely enjoyed Marrakech. Life in Marrakech is quite different to lif in Luxembourg, so we had to adjust.

I hope you enjoyed watching the first vlog and that you keep watching. I would love to know if you have ever been to Marrakech or travelled on your own or in a group of girls to a moroccan city. Leave all your thoughts in the comment box down below, I would love to know everything. With that being said, I’m slowly ticking off all the blog related boxes on my to do list .Next up is my editorial plan for tomorrow and thinking of the set-up of two videos as tomorrow is filming day📹. You don’t want to miss those two.


xo Imena

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