Welcome to a new week ! Welcome to a new Monday ! It is time to get back into blogging and to forget that big break (shame on me), which has been a big black hole here on the blog. But before we are going deeper into that topic (coming tomorrow in the lifeupdate), we should focus on the theme of the day BEAUTY. So, let’s dive straight into it.

🍵1.Sephora Collection Face Mask – Green Tea- Mattifying & anti-blemish🍵

Are you struggling with breakouts, pimple and uneven skin due to breakouts? Then the magic mask under all the masks is definitely this one! After leaving it on for about 10-15 minutes, your blemishes are reduced and your skin is smooth. I have tested a lot of masks as I am a little addict when it comes to my skincare and masks are definitely a lifesaver, so when I tell you this mask is amazing, I do really mean that. First off, I thought it was really pricy for one single mask (about 5$), but it is worth it.

Main ingredient: Green Tea Extract of Natural Origin which protects the skin against environmental pollutants

💜2.Sephora collection foot mask Lavender – refreshing & relaxing💜

Coming to one of the most funniest masks, I have ever used: the Sephora foot masks. Firstly, I have never tried a foot mask before, so I actually had no clue what I was myself getting into. After washing your feet (of course), you put your feet, one by one, in a sort of an allaround sheet mask, which covers the whole foot. The funny and also little bit uncomfortable part of this in the first moment is, that your feet need to stay in a humid, kind of jelly “environnment” for about 15 minutes, which feels really strange. On the other side, the mask definitely does it’s magic, because your feet are left silky smooth and are feeling so well nourished and relaxed. I always find that when your feet are relaxed and taken care of, your whole body feels better, too. So, I truly recommend trying this mask out, especially if you are doing it on a girlsnight in.

Main ingredient: Lavendar which comforts and nourishes dry feet as well as menthol Extract which cools and refreshes, and Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize

🌱3.Sephora collection hand mask Aloe Vera – Ultra-moisturizing & Beautifying🌱

The third mask in this range is the Aloe Vera hand mask, which works the same way as the foot mask, but with other ingredients. When it comes to my experience, with the hand mask, it was similar to the foot mask one. At first, it feels really strange, but once you are used to the feeling it is totally fine. The mask left my skin silky smooth and I absolutely recommend this product to everyone who is struggling with dry hands, especially during the cold months.

Main ingredient: Aloe Vero which provides intense moisure for beautiful hands

🌹4.Sephora Collection Lip mask Rose – Moisturizing & Softening🌹

Forth in the row, the Sephora Collection Lip mask rose, which is a leave-on-lip mask to replenish, nourish, and moisturize lip in as little as 15 minutes. This mask is infused with power natural ingredients and they give you that extra moisture for your lips especially in summer. Lips always tend to dry out quickly and there is nothing worse then dry lips. It hurts and it simply look like you are not taking good care of yourself. So, if you are struggling with dry lips or your lips simply need a break, between all the kissing 😘, this is the mask you should get.

Main ingredient: Roses which moisturize and soften your lips

⚜️5.Sephora Collection Eye Mask Pearl – Perfecting & Brightening⚜️
Last but not least, I am talking about the eye Pearl mask, which brightens and minimizes the appearance of irregularities for a more even and radiant eye contour. Even though, this eye mask is pretty good and definitely does it’s job, I already tried other eye masks that had better effects than this one. I would say that it is worth to try it out though as it can be the perfect one for you, but when it comes to my personal preferences, I prefer the under eye mask from Annemarie Börlind.
So I hope you enjoyed reading a new beauty article (it has been a while) and I would love to know if you’ve already tried out one of the Sephora masks and how you liked them? Also, if you have any suggestions or wishes on products you want me to try out for you, please leave it in the comment box down below.
🌑I love you to the moon and back🌑

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