Hello, my loves and welcome to a brand new Monday. ✨ Time flies so fast at the moment and I honestly have problems to keep an overview on everything as it simply goes way to fast. It’s only today that I actually realized that I haven’t updated you last week on the blog, other than the Beauty Monday article. As it is the start of the week again, there is going to be a beauty related blog post today, but I promise you, there is already another article planned for you today. So without further ado, we should dive into Mother Nature cosmetics (see the website here).✨


Before I even want to tell you about this brand, I would like to inform you that these products have kindly been sent to me a few weeks ago to try them out and as I have been positively surprised by the products, I wanted to present the brand to you. So first of all Mother Nature cosmetics has a really small range of products and I tested 5 of them. As the name probably implements, it is an all-natural cosmetic line, which focuses on the natural organisms of a human body. Even though I fell in love with the packaging at first glance (a giraffe as the symbol, common give it all to me), I was really sceptical when it came to the natural cosmetics.

As have never informed myself about natural cosmetics, I didn’t know what to expect, but the rand really surprised me. So here is the detailed review of the 5 products:

1.Dead Sea Mud Mask

Masks are really one of my favourite beauty products in the world. Using one each and every day, it always comes in handy to have the chance to test new ones and this one is a gem. Even though you can have your skin in control for most of the time, there is always that one week, coming every single month, where we ladies simply can’t control how our body reacts. Breakouts are often the case and especially in those times a dead sea mask or a tea tree oil mask is a must. It prevents and reduces pimples and dark spots and leaves your skin smooth. After applying your daily skincare, you are then finally ready to put on your make-up. So truly recommending this product as it also comes in a massive pot, which you can use a long time.

2.Hyaloron Serum

While we are often concentrating on getting rid of pimples and dark spots, we often forget to hydrate our skin enough on a regular basis (which I did before a had a professional skin analysis). The thing is, even if the dead sea maks helps your skin with breakous, it also dries it out and leaves it dehydrated. So, it is really important to take care of your skin and keep it hydrated especially in the summer. This Hyaloron Serum is perfect as you apply it under your day and nightcream and it deeply hydrates your skin. Simply a fan !

3.Vitamin C Serum

Refreshening and boosting your skin, Vitamin C has become popular the last few years when it comes to skincare. Giving you that special boost and glow in the morning to look awake and redy to master the day. I personally use the serum in the evening because the Vitamin C can leave you with an orange shimmer, which is completely normal, but I prefer using it for the night. Nevertheless, it is a wonderful product as it is not that pricy especially if you compare it to the Clinique version. Worth to try it out.

4.Retinol Serum

Best used before sleeping, this Retinol Serum makes your skin firmer and brightens it up, esppecially under eye circles. I don’t have any big problems when it comes to my skin, but my dark circles are alway there. So this product really helps, even though it doesn’t remove them completely, it definitely clears up the skin and reduces them. Also, within all the serums I tested, this one is the anti-aging one which also regenerates your skin, so get your hands on this, truly recommending.

5.Argan Oil

Last but not least, the Mother Nature Argan Oil, which you can use as a hair mask, a body oil or even as a luxurious bathing oil, is really intense and enriching. I first used it as a hair oil after curling my hair, but it was slightly too heavy to put it on a daily basis into your hair (I normally use the Redken hair oil or Shu Uemura oil) So if you are using this product for your hair, I would truly recommend to use it as a leave in night mask, as your hair will be silky smooth after washing it again in the morning. When it comes to using it as a body oil, I would recommend to use it in the winter months as it is a bit too heavy for the hot season.

So that’s it already for today and I hope you enjoyed another review. I will definitely keep this up because it also pushes me to test different brands and products to review them for you. So if you have any suggestions please leave it in the comment section down below, I would absolutely love to hear more.💕

*The Mother Nature Cosmetics products have kindly been sent to me. (Pr-Samples)

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