Welcome to my little universe, my loves! I am so happy to share more of my personal life through this weekly Tuesday life updates with you. So, while I am writing this article, Tania and I are sitting on the Milan Malpensa airport in the middle of the night (1am) and are waiting for our final flight to Marrakech (read more in the review part), and you are a part of it.


After travelling for over a day, after Ryanair cancelled our flight to Marrakech without even giving an update, being tired is one constant blind passenger. To give you a glimbse of our „flight adventure“, how I call it is: we drove to Düsseldorf and fly to Milan Bergamo, where we were told that the flight has been cancelled. The worst part of it, was though the the flight assistants in Düsseldorf already knew of this issue and didn’t tell us. So we were left at the ticket counter in Milan telling us that there were a few options , one paying 500bucks to go back to Luxembourg, two maybe changing our holiday plans as there was another Marrakech flight one week later (What the hell) or the best option flying to a complete other destination in Marocco and driving 7hours in a car on our own to Marrakech. The end of the story is that we didn’t choose either of the deals. We therefore decided to book another flight from Milan Malpensa (to where we had to take  a shuttle to) to Paris and then from Paris to Marrakech the next morning. In the end, it was a lot of waiting and finding a solution. So as we are waiting for our final flight to Marrakech (hopefully), we are still wondering if everything will work out perfectly, but we are of course crossing our fingers. So by the time you are reading this, we hopefully arrived at our destination and can discover a new culture.

Current Projects and Goals / Plans

When it comes to current projects, I am putting all my time and passion into my Youtube Channel at the moment, while starting a complete new chapter when it comes to my educational life on the 4th of June (more coming soon). My goals are definitely to keep on track and to fulfill my dreams and concentrate on my priorities not those of others.

Current Mood

Patience, Calm and Grateful

⚡️Quote of the week⚡️

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success. Napoleon Hill

Current Wishlist

Current Favourites

As the hot season approaches and as we are heading to Marrakech, keeping my skin hydrated and glowy all the time is key. Therefore my fvavourite products at the moment are all about skincare. The most important one in my collection is the Clinique Moisture surge which can be used in so many different ways: as a hydrating cream, an intensive mask or also a highlighter. You can use it before you are are even putting on makeup or even onto your makeup for a special layer of hydration. It has a light creamy gel kind of texture and I truly recommend getting the product as it isn’t that expensive as it takes a long time to actually use it up. Another product that I recently discovered is the Lov fluid highlighter, which is a really light hightlighter that gives that natural glow you desire.

New in

I found the perfect dupe to the Balenciaga white sneakers which have been hyped so much. i wasn’t sure about really getting onto this trendtrain, but I finally fell in love. So I love to share with you the dupe (click here), which are also really comfy and well made.

About the look

This time I am wearing a white cropped off-shoulder top with these beige trousers which I got from Boohoo. They are super comfy as they are made of a jogging kind of material. I added my white round dupe Chloe bag which I spiced up with a Macrame bag strap from Cactusetlesnanas (see their Instagram). To finish the look, I put on my all-time favourite strap bag from H&M and some classic pointed toe heels from Zara in a suede kind of material.

I would love to know what you think of this outfit? How do you like this combination? Also what has been going on in your week, I am super curious and would love to hear all about it so let me know in the comments below. xoxo


Top: Asos

Trousers: Boohoo

Bag: Gamiss

Bag strap: Cactusetlesnanas


Shoes: Zara


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