Welcome to the first attempt of creating a Tuesday Life update blogpost, which will be going live every Tuesday from now on, which will be a more personal series on my blog, creating a platform to share more of my thoughts and ideas. 

For those of you who are following me already on my Youtube Channel ( @haileighandjamie ) or on Instagram (@imenaginac) may recognised that I have been sharing much more personal stuff than before and I actually want to show you what is actually going on behind the scenes. Let’s be honest, it is not everything golden that is shiny. So it is finally time to dive into the real life and sharing more personal stuff.Therefore I decided to create The Tuesday life update series on the blog to keep you updated on what is going on in my life, what changes I will make and which goals I have. So let#s dive into our first mini lifeupdate,which will hopefully grow by the time and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Current Projects and Goals

University change ( coming more in a month)

Planning my trip with Tania (@taniaabreu) to Marrakech -> Next week

Current Mood

Productive and happy, I could literally embrace the whole world as i finally made a for me lifechanging choice, about which I was thinking for a longtime, but didn’t had the trust in myself, in my wishes and dreams  to actually make that step. I will be getting into this topic in a few weeks where I want to deeper the whole process and talk about it. I am thinking to do it in a Teatalk video (on my youtube channel @haileighandjamie), which will be an upcoming series on my panel.

Current Wishlist

Current Favourites.

Coming to the details of the look, I am wearing a white dress underneath a large oversized sweater I got from Zara. I have always been looking for a bodycon dress with some lace detail on the bottom to wear it underneath the knitted oversized sweater and Overknee booties. Adding my round bag and some jewelry to spice it up. In addition, I choose to wear my black hat (cap), which has been my favorite accessory for the last weeks and I absolutely want to get other colors as well, so if you have any tips on where to get other pieces, I am more than happy to read about them. Last but not least, I am a sunglass_la girl! I absolutely love their broad range of different sunglasses and here is another pair I, therefore, wanted to show you: some classic black ones.

I hope you enjoyed the mini Tuesday lifeupdate and are looking forward to another article next week. I would love to know what you would like to read about in the next Tuesday lifeupdates and which point you loved the most in this first edition. Wishing you a wonderful day.



Sweater: Zara

Lace detailed dress: Zaful* (Shop it here)

Earrings: Zaful* (Shop it here)

Watch: Mockberg

Hat: H&M

Bag: Gamiss

Sunglasses: Sunglass_la *(Shop it here)

Overknee Booties: 3 Suisses



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