(advertisement) Hello, my loves! Today is all about interior and what inspiration means to me. Especially in times of social media overload and the digital massproduction, actual print pieces have a big impact on my mood and therefore I am so happy to present you my new posterwall. Hopefully, you will be inspired and can create your own inspiration source at home.

Lately we have been spring cleaning our whole appartment and I must admit, it was rather a long process. Before I decided to change up our little universe that we created, I made a list of things I would love to spice up and to change a bit. One of my must-haves was a whole Frame wall, which my boyfriend loves to call the ultimate Pinterest-wall. Therefore, I am more than happy to show you my new frame wall in cooperation with Desenio, which were so kind to work with me and to take part in the redocarting process.


For me inspiration is a big thing as I often feel overwhelmed by all the information we get through social media, I often can’t focus on the things I really want so I absolutely wanted an inspiration board in our apartment which would instantly take me to what signifies for me a calm state of mind and spirituality. Even though I am an absolute lover of Pinterest (see my digital boards here), I am still so obsessed with print-out pieces and love to work on real paper. It is important to create vision boards to keep you motivated and set you in a specific mood. Therefore, I created my own calm space at home which is in the center of our apartment and every moment I am crossing this poster wall, I feel reenergized, especially with some Botanik posters.

„With the code “IMENA25“ , you receive 25 % off on posters (excluded are frames and “handpicked”Poster) between 15.-17. April 

Follow @desenio on Instagram, to get more inspiration!” Happy Shopping

This has actually been my second interior article and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did creating it. I would also love to know if you would be interested in seeing more interior articles or not? Please leave it in the comments down below. Kisses

Links to the posters I choose:

Dandelion No2 Poster (shop the poster)

Palm trees (shop the poster)

La lune (shop the poster)

Wanderlust (shop the poster)

Elephant (shop the poster)

Hero (shop the poster)

Cotton plant (shop the poster)

Grass (shop the poster)

Tiger (shop the poster)

Moon star sky (shop the poster)

P.S. : There will be a complete home video coming up on Sunday showing you in detail how you can recreate your own frame/ poster wall at home. It is not that difficult.


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