(advertisement) Hello, my loves! My favorite season of the year has begun and I can tell you, I am more than excited to wear all the outfits I already have in my mind. The one that I am showing you today is already one of my favorite ones of this year.

Time flies so fast and even if we sometimes forget it, time is omnipresent and the days will come and go even if we don’t feel like starting in a new day. Therefore spring is my favorite season of the year because it stays for freshness, new beginnings, and change. So I decided it was time to show you a new unique a watch made from maple wood , which simply takes your breath away. I have always been in love with time in general as it plays such an important part in everyone’s life even if we would like to deny it sometimes. Time will always be there even if we are not, so it is important to keep it in mind.


I’ve already shown you a darker wood watch in my “Take me to Women’s Day” post and if I truly like that watch, I am absolutely obsessed with this one. A creation of maple wood, which is hand finished and pretreated with tung oils,  is my new timekeeper. I have been wearing this fun accessory for over two weeks now and I can’t get enough of it. While this timepiece is the center of this look, it also works perfectly in the color palette. Therefore I decided to wear this Caro patterned skort with a knot detailed as it is finally time again to show bare legs.Contrasting it with this detailed white knitted sweater from Zaful, which gives an extra touch to a normal white pullover you would normally wear.To keep me a little bit warm as the beginning of Spring is still cold here in Luxembourg, I choose to wear my beige Cardigan from Peek&Cloppenburg combined with my beige embroidered booties from Primark. To spice it up, I choose to add this handmade bag by Jael Curiel (see her Instagram here), tortoise sunglasses from and some necklaces.

I would love to know what you think of this outfit? How do you like this combination? Would you combine it the same way? Let me know in the comments below. xoxo


Sweater: Zaful* (shop it here)

Skorts: Zaful* (shop it here)

Jacket: Peek & Cloppenburg

Jewelry: Rosegal* (shop it here) and Rosegal* (shop it here) and Zaful (shop it here)

Watch: JORD Wood watches* (shop it here)

Sunglasses:* (shop it here)

Bag: Jael Curiel (shop it here)

Booties: Primark

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