(advertisement) Welcome to a brand new week and actually a brand new month, too. It is already March and I can’t believe how fast time is passing by. Today I have the first Beauty Monday for you after a long break, but here it is back again. Each Monday I am going to present you my current beauty favorites and discoveries of the week. As well as what worked and didn’t worked for me personally. This time, I am presenting you the inside of my Blogger-Club box that I’ve received in December and I’ve finally tested all the products that came with it.As I am so excited to restart this series, I think we should dive into the fun part.



When it comes to a face mask, I am always the go-to person to ask as I absolutely adore them. I literally could use a face mask three times a day and I’ve already tested a ton of them. I was so thrilled to see the golden lifting set including a golden face mask by Deynique Cosmetics. First of all, I absolutely love the brand as I have been using their products since the age of thirteen and because of a golden set?! A definite yes for me. Gold hydrates your skin and keeps it in it, too. This lifts your skin from within and keeps it youthfully. I absolutely adored the feeling and the texture of the mask, but I think that depends on your own preferences. After the mask, you apply the golden serum to your skin which makes it glow and you look refreshed and relaxed.


I must say that even if a lot of people use this brand and have talked to me about it before, I had never tried it until the last two months. So I was more than curious to try a product of their range. I decided to start with their skin smoothing cream which reduces and corrects your skin structure and makes it look even. This also really helped me to apply my makeup evenly. I am absolutely impressed by the brand and can’t wait to try more of their products.


I have already presented you this palette two months ago, but I wanted to include it in this article as well as the palette was part of the beauty box. This palette is an absolute dream come true when it comes to the colors. I love brown, beige and golden tones when it comes to my makeup and this one just got them all. When it comes to the coverage of the colors, I think it is pretty good, though you have a little fallout. Though overall, the palette is really cute and the SLA HOW TO comes with a Mascara as well, so is a perfect set to gift to your best friend or sister.



Coming to probably, one of my favorite brands that I discovered through TheBloggerClub. It is a really affordable natural brand which creates products that are good for the skin as well for the environment. My absolute favorite Day cream is the pomegranate (red one) day cream, which I use on a daily basis in the mornings. It keeps my skin fresh and hydrate and is perfect before putting on my daily makeup. The second one is a Detox day cream with green tea, which keeps your skin fresh and clean. The two are a perfect combination depending on what your skin actually needs that specific day.


This Energy ampule has the same effect as a Babor ampule and lifts your skin from moment one. You feel refreshed and your skin glows and shines. This gives your skin a wakeup call. I absolutely love to use the ampule when I don’t intend to wear any makeup as it gives my skin a fresh and well-rested look. My skin literally glows and I absolutely recommend trying one of them out as well.


This were my discoveries of the week (at least tried out until this week) and I hope you enjoyed my little review. I would love to hear your thoughts about the products and have you already tried one of them? And if not, which one would you love to try out? Let me know in the comments down below. Kisses


*All the beauty products, I am showing you today have been kindly sponsored by TheBloggerClub

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