We are always influenced by a certain way of thinking and when it comes to clothes, many people are not that open-minded. For me, fashion is a way to express myself and to play with it. I love to choose different outfits for different occasions and to mix and match all my different pieces.When it comes to the seasons, I no longer think that a summer dress should only be worn in summer or an over knee boot only in winter. With the weather being so unpredictable as it is here in Luxembourg, I love to wear whatever I am feeling that day, so I decided to write an article about wearing your summer dress in the cold season.

Only to keep it in your mind, of course, you won’t feel that cuddled and cozied up in your summer dress in the cold season as you would probably in a fluffy jumpsuit, but at least you feel warm enough to wear it on a daily basis. You can actually wear any summer dress during the winter, too. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the way you combine it, that it looks still flattering and how to integrate warm pieces into your look. One thing is important:


When it comes to wearing your summer dress during the cold season, the key is definitely layers. A lot of them. Therefore I am wearing a light top and then a turtleneck white long sleeve shirt. Then I put my dotted white summer dress on and another bigger layer with my off-the-shoulder white Sweater from Zaful. The look is actually complete when it comes to being inside, but of course, I also throw my teddy coat on top when I head outside. This keeps me really comfy and warm, even though I am wearing a summer dress, so always try to wear as many layers as you can. If you are asking yourself, how I keep my legs warm. I am actually wearing skin-toned tights which you can find in Dm (German drugstore). They are simply amazing because they have 60Den and are matte, so don’t look shiny in the sun. I personally don’t get cold on the legs, at least not that fast.


Off Shoulder Sweater: Zaful* (shop it here )

Dress: Loveofqueen

Booties: Aliexpress

Bag: Aliexpress

Camera: Olympus Pen PL8

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