Welcome back to my little world, my loves. I took a break for two weeks on the blog and on my Youtube Channel, I know that you shouldn’t do that, but I simply didn’t feel like it. I am now fully back again and already exploding with new ideas and content to create for you. Of course, there wouldn’t be an article today without a new look.

If you are following me already on Instagram (visit ME), you’ve already noticed that my wardrobe is changing again and this time for good. I am only going to wear white, cream and beige tones (sometimes some blush pink, black or grey would shimmer through), but mainly I would stick to these tones. Why did I decide to minimalize my wardrobe to these colors? Well, I simply feel really comfortable and happy in these colors, especially now in the cold season when everybody is wearing black and grey, which makes the world even sadder when the weather is bad. I love to brighten everything up and could wear white all the time. So I finally had the courage to do it and to clear my wardrobe (Big closet sale coming up )


This time, I am wearing satin trousers which I found in H&M combined with a simple white turtleneck and my lovely dupe Balenciaga boots. The most exciting thing about wearing one color palette is that you can play around with textures and materials to spice the lookup. Therefore in this look, you have fake fur, comfy sweater material, satin cloth and fake leather booties. To keep me warm in the cold season (-10° at the moment here in Luxembourg), I always through on an additional layer. The last piece is my half round bag from New Look (found on Asos), which looks like a real luxury piece and I absolutely adore it.

I would love to know what you think of this outfit? How do you like this combination? Would you combine it the same way? Let me know in the comments below. xoxo


Turtle Neck: Boohoo

Satin Trousers: H&M

Cardigan: Zara

Bag: New Look

Shoes: Aliexpress


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