Advertorial with Desenio What can be more amazing than a comfy and cosy home? I am a complete deco and interior junkie, whether it comes to cushions, blankets or carpets, the more the better. This has always been a difficult topic for my boyfriend because even if he likes a little bit of decor, my level of needed decoration just exploded his imaginations.

Therefore, I kept my decoration on a low level for a long time until two months ago where I decided it was time for a little change. I wanted more details in our apartment and to cosy it up, so it was time for even more blankets and cushions as well as dreamcatchers, candles and framed photos. The moment, I was completely finished with the apartment’s cosy up session, my boyfriend said: This is officially not my apartment anymore. No sign really.

Now we have pictures from Desenio, that decorate a few spots in our apartment and even if there are already a lot of them, I want a few more. I absolutely love Desenio because they have a lot of different arts and pictures in different sizes. You can literally stroll for hours on the website (which I definitely did) and still not see all the pictures as their range is huge and everybody definitely finds something. In addition, they also sell matching frames which is amazing as you don’t need to go to another store to buy them. I choose to go for gold and black frames as I love to have golden details in the apartment. Gold, Black, White and Blush pink, of course, are my main colours, not only in my wardrobe but also in our living space.(loving the botanik pieces as well)

I also have something really special for you, I have a special code for you to get 25% off on Desenio:

 Posters & frames from DESENIO! The code “IMENA” gives 25% off posters, between 3rd – 4th of January* Follow @desenio for more inspiration! *The code is not valid on handpicked-/collaboration posters or frames”.

This was my first interior article and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did create it. I would also love to know if you would be interested in seeing more interior articles or not?

Cosiness at home is a must for me, so I had to include this picture in my first interior post as it simply screams cosiness. When it comes to blankets, I can’t have enough of them. Even though we have that many choices, I would absolutely love to get a textured blush pink one as well as a white one with golden details.

I absolutely love the frames that you can purchase with your prints on Desenio which are incredible. Especially the golden one is so beautiful and gives another touch to every art piece. ( See all the frames)

Poster details:

Your Mind poster – Get it on Desenio

Art Deco Dream poster – Get it on Desenio

Namastay in Bed poster – Get it on Desenio

Shadows and Lights poster – Get it on Desenio

Poster details:

Roses poster – Get it on Desenio

Bare Woman poster – Get it on Desenio

I also love to use artwork from Desenio to do my flat lays and use it as a display tray.



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  1. Lili
    January 4, 2018 / 11:13 pm

    Einfa megaa Imena. Dein doheem geseir einfa nemmen cozy mozy an geing mech bestemmt mega wuel do fille . Zumols dei wand mat den desenio designs sinn mega flott ginn. An freen mech op deinnext Indoor Deco inspiration Blogpost 😘

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