Hello, my loves! Tomorrow is the 1st December and the official countdown to Christmas is starting and I am so excited for it you can’t even imagine, so I thought we should talk about Blogmas today.

For those of your lovely ones, who don’t know what Blogmas is, it is the fact that you are publishing one article each day starting of 1st December and goes for 25 days, so until Christmas. You also have Vlogmas which is the same thing, only with videos and therefore most of the time on youtube. Before starting the real Blogmas tomorrow, I thought it would be a great idea to make a Blogmas post Ideas article for you.


I also have a big surprise for you because I am organising an Advent calendar with one of my besties Tania (see her blog and Instagram) and therefore there will be something to win for you each and every day.

Before December is starting, I decided to write a special Blogmas ideas post for those of you who are thinking of doing Blogmas this year and don’t know what they want to include in it or need some additional ideas.


1.Christmas Gift guide for Boyfriend/ boys

2.Christmas Gift guide for girlfriend/ girls

3.Christmas Wishlist

4.Christmas Lookbook

5.Christmas Prep Haul

6.Favourite candles  | Candle collection

7.Advent calendar for him/her

8.What I got for Christmas

9.Winter Lipsticks

10.Winter Night in

11.Winter Skincare Routine

12.Winter Beauty Favourites

13.Creative Wrap Ideas

14.Winter clothing wishlist

15.Visit a Christmas market

16.Christmas Nail Art

17.Throwing a Christmas party

18.Christmas Makeup

19.Get ready with me for Christmas event

20.Christmas Eve Box ideas

21.Christmas Movie list

22.Blogmas post ideas

23.Christmas presents on a budget

24.Christmas giveaway

25.Christmas day routine

26.Christmas crafts

27.Could you be on the naughty list?

28.Christmas decoration wish list

29.Best Christmas present you have ever received?

30.Last minute Christmas present ideas

31.What to buy for your secret Santa

32.Favourite Winter drink

33.Things I love about Christmas

34.What’s on my Christmas tree

35.Christmas Baking

36.Favourite winter skincare brand

37.Christmas jumper collection

38.Favourite Christmas blogger posts

39.Christmas bucket list

40.Where to shop online this Christmas

41.Vlogmas and Blogmas

42.Favourite Christmas quotes

43.Favourite Christmas books

44.Christmas road trip

45.Letter to Santa





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