This year we didn’t go on a big trip or had a long holiday far away, we only went to Innsbruck with one of my best friends so that we could discover the city she studies from another perspective.


We were so happy to see something different for ones and as I have never been in the mountains unless it was for skying, I was really happy to see everything from a new perspective. The air was so clear that you would breathe in and your brain would actually know and enjoy the pure air. In addition, Kiwi (my little puppy) had the time of her life and if you would have asked her, she would have stayed in the mountains. I have never seen this little cutie as relaxed as in Innsbruck.

I knew that this dress would be perfect for the mountains as I felt a little bit like Heidi. It is such a cute and playful dress which I found on the Sisjuly website. It is cute, has a nice fit around your waist and the colors scream summer and happiness. If you are looking for occasion dresses or especially for retro chic dresses then this is definitely your go-to store.

I would love to know what you think of this outfit? How do you like this combination? Would you combine it the same way? Let me know in the comments below. xoxo



Dress: Sisjuly* (shop it here)

Shoes: H&M

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