Last week we discussed how to get your blog idea to start your own platform. Now it is time to go deeper into this topic and to get even more specific which means that we are talking about how to make your blog idea unique.

The main reason that people are looking for something on the internet is that they want to find a solution for their problem. That problem can be to find inspiration, get entertained or simply get an answer to a question, but they are always looking for something. That’s why niche bloggers are so successful because if you are into the vegan lifestyle you will rather follow a vegan blogger than a general cooking blog which sometimes talks about vegan possibilities. When your blog falls into a niche, you are reaching a specific target audience right from the start, which helps to build your brand.

The thing is that you will not be the only one creating content in the blogosphere, so you should get into some research to know your competition right from the start. Therefore, you are actually looking at what already exists and what doesn’t, to find your unique style and brand. The easiest way to do that is to take a closer look on a few of the main bloggers that blog about the same thing, you want to blog about. Get into some research and take your time. Look up a few blogs and ask yourself these questions.

Which stories are they telling? In what kind of way is their style of creating content unique? What do they blog about? How did they start? Why do I love this blog and what keeps me coming back to it?

LITTLE INSIDE  IN MY BLOGGING EXPERIENCE: When I started my first blog I didn’t know anything about all the things I need to take into consideration when starting a blog. I was so happy about finally having my own platform to share all the things I love, that I didn’t focus on actually establishing a brand. So when I decided to start a new adventure last week, it took me about 2 months to get through all these little steps in order to build a unique brand from the beginning on. My blog focuses therefore on fashion for petite girls and styling a wardrobe with a selected colour range. After one year ( 3 weeks ago), I started to incorporate other topics into my online platform, such as beauty, travel, lifestyle and the Girlboss guide.

So when I was looking at my competition out there in the blogosphere, I googled petite fashion blogger, neutral wardrobe and feminine style, to get an idea of what other bloggers were creating. Instagram helped me also a lot as you can find a ton of Inspiration on how you want your whole style to look like. Just type in all the ideas you gathered (How to find your blog idea ) and analyse the results. These are some questions that you should ask yourself.

Which stories are they telling? What do they blog about?

In what kind of way is their style of creating content unique? What do they blog about? 

What made them so popular and how do they stand out in the blogosphere?

How do they establish their brand? What kind of content are they creating? 

If you are googling on how to find your blog idea and creating a successful blog from the start on, most of the articles say that you need to fit into a niche and be as specific on your blog idea as possible. Which means not only blogging about street style but for example street style on a budget. I must admit that is really this important because it makes your content really specific and therefore easier to reach your desired audience, but I personally never really used that from the start on. It just became clearer and clearer while I was creating new content and finding myself and my brand. Why am I telling you this? I want to give you the right tips and tricks right from the start in one Girlboss guide, but I also don’t want to discourage you. Blogging is a passion and even though there is a lot to take into consideration, it is absolutely worth it. You got this!

After finding your idea, you need to be more specific about it. This will be the answer to the question What is your blog actually about? The thing that helped me the most is that you need to imagine that a big brand is approaching you for a future collaboration and they want to know what your brand is and what your are really blogging about? What makes you unique? At some point, you really know what you really want to blog about and what you don’t. As well as how you are going to create and put all your ideas into an article. The advice that I am giving you is that being specific is really important and helps you a lot from the start on, but if you are not, don’t procrastinate on starting a blog because it makes so much fun and becomes a true passion.

The thing you need to take in mind is that your blog is a part of you and you are getting into a relationship with your readers. This relationship is what keeps readers coming back. Concentrate on what you love and what makes you unique, this will attract readers and will help to create your brand. They will notice if you are changing something which doesn’t refer to the real you and to your brand. The question that you always need to ask yourself: Does this represent myself and would I read this article if another blogger would create it? Just try to offer something better than all the other bloggers.

What you need to do is: You only need to start with the larger topic and niche and narrow it down as much as you can. In other words be as specific as you can be. So you really don’t need to do that, but it will define your specific audience from the beginning on. Don’t think that narrowing it down, makes it harder to find your blog and therefore an audience because it doesn’t. It makes it even easier.(For example, I focused on my fashion and style for petite girls for one year and now I am expanding to beauty as tips and tricks) Don’t worry, you are not going to be stuck in one niche forever. If there is a need for new and fresh content you will know.

What are the benefits of being specific?

It is much easier to find keywords and hashtag in a specific Niche-> Easy Marketing, Better SEO

The competition is much lower than before -> you can dominate your niche

You can grow faster as you are referring to a specific audience.This audience is maybe not as large but you can build your following and readership in this group and then expand -> Build a network

As you are growing, your blog will too, so don’t be afraid of making changes. It is your platform, your voice. Be unique and stay true to yourself.

I would love to know what you think of this article and this new series? If you already have a blog, would these little questions have helped you when you started your blog? If you are thinking about starting a blog, did this article help you?Let me know in the comments below. xoxo

P.S. You will find a new Girlboss article every Wednesday on the blog now.

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