Hello, my loves! How are you doing? So Christmas is not far away and I honestly can’t wait for it. Yep I am definitely one of those Christmas lovers and I am super excited here.

So I wanted to present you the lush Christmas collection which is as far as I can tell amazing like really amazing. The scents, the colors and especially the story behind the products will take you to the magical land of Santa Claus and his reindeers. The Christmas spirit is all you need right now. This year hasn’t been the best so far and Christmas always makes me happy.

So are you ready for the Christmas Lush Madness well here we go, a few of them :

Bathing Bombs

Mistletoe – Vegan

This bath bomb is a fairytale fragrance and will take you in another land.  You feel like you’ve been kissed by fairies and your bath will be filled with pink and green pigments when it will be in contact with water until it changes in a deep purple color. The ingredients are Ylang Ylang Oil, which is sweet,heady and floral; and Vetivort Oil which is restorative and relaxing, as well as Jasmine Absolute.  (See the video here)

Never Mind the Ballistics – Vegan

The smell is amazing and the orange color which will fill your bath gives you the feeling of summer.The ingredients are Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, wich is very softening and conditioning, Lime oil, which is uplifting and protecting, fresh Banana as well as Sweet wild orange oil,which is refreshing and uplifting. Lime and the sweet wild orange oils are fresh and peach on the nose, which are exciting the senses and shaking up your mood. (See the video here)


Reindeer Rock – Vegan

This Reindeer soap takes you right to the snow-capped mountains of Scandinavia with the smell of sensual Jasmine and delicate rose.The ingredients are Lingonberry Infusion, uplifting and antioxidant, extra virgin coconut oil, Jasmine absolute as well as Rose oil, which is balancing and restorative. (See the video here)

Papa Noel – Vegan

Papa Noel is a face wash jelly that looks like the beard of Santa Claus, which will make your face fresh and bright. This one is also perfect for your boyfriends and friends with a beard, because it will smooth the beard and it makes it much better to kiss your love. The freshness will given by the energizing fragrance of just-peeled tangerines and limes. Also the organic Jojoba Oil will naturally moisturize your skin. Also my loves, perfect for taking a Christmas selfie. (See the video here)

Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub – Vegan

The Fairy Lip Sugar Scrup is just amazing. I am a really big fan of lip scrubs because I always want my lips to be soft and smooth. When you use it on a regular basis, the results are amazing especially during the cold season. The ingredients are caster sugar, organic jojoba oil and sweet wild orange oil. (See the video here)

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