Are you still looking for Christmas presents for your mother, girlfriend, sister or your best friend? Then you need to get your hands on the Janette Pochette Christmas edition filled with plenty of beautiful cute little gifts in one single cute bag?!

I am an absolute Christmas lover.  I love to look for the perfect gift for each one of my lovely friends and family members. For me it is so important that a gift is personal and something a person would really want to get and something I would also love. So today I have this lovely Pochette for you from Janette which is filled with love by the lovely Emilie and she always thinks a lot about what would be a perfect fit for the Pochette. So I absolutely am in love with this edition. It is filled with everything you need from the Champagne for New Years to Nail polish.

So you are probably wondering what is inside of the Pochette, my loves:

20H40 ce Jeudi-là – 45Euro Giftcard

Courrèges – Perfume

Monoprix – Nailpolish

René Furterer – Hairvinegar

Weleda – Lipbalm

Bernard-Massard – Crémant

Clare Marie Pilates – 3 sessions of Pilates/Yoga

Les Chocolats du coeur – Chocolate

When you are thinking right now: this is so perfect for my aunt! Then get yours now because you can still get your Pochette for Christmas until tonight (The Christmas edition) Get yours here!







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